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Inventory Management Pricing

Final Mile Delivery Pricing

#1 In Customer Service

Same Day Haulers will provide kitchen and bath designers and installers with a dedicated customer service representative. We can provide up to date and realtime information on all incoming inventory, delivery schedules, proof of delivery and more. Our customer service department is available Monday through Friday from 8:00am-5:00pm. If you require support during different days or times, please let us know.

A dedicated email address and phone numbers for all communications will be provided during the onboarding process.

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Final Mile Logistics

Final Mile Logistics b

Same Day Haulers will provide all final mile logistics and delivery of your kitchen cabinets, building materials and supplies. We offer and support many delivery options such as same-day delivery, next-day delivery, and scheduled delivery. We do not subcontract any deliveries and only use our own dedicated team members. In addition to our truck fleet we
have many contracts with leasing companies such as Penske, Ryder, and Uhaul so that equipment availability is never an issue.

● Scheduled Pick Up & Delivery Times
● SKU Verification At Pick Up & Delivery
● Expedited Delivery Options
● Electronic and Verbal Proof of Delivery Confirmations

Inventory Management Pricing

Same Day Haulers will provide options for a simple and easy to follow pricing structure for inventory management.

We will receive all shipments for each purchase order, verify the accuracy of each shipment and inspect them for any potential damage. The items will then be stored until the order is released for shipment to your customers home. Storage will be calculated based on the square footage of space used each month. This will assure that you only pay for the space that is actually being used.

Warehousing and Storage Pricing
Receiving & Picking Inventory: $95.00 per kitchen (Average kitchen 4 skids/20 ctns)
1,000 – 1,500 Sq Feet of Storage: $1,875.00 per month (25-30 Skids)
2,000-$2,500 Sq Feet of Storage: $2,500 per month (50-55 Skids)

Inventory Management Pricing b

Final Mile Delivery Pricing

Final Mile Delivery Pricing b

Same Day Haulers will provide options for a simple and easy to follow pricing structure for final mile deliveries. Our standard delivery fee includes two chargeable items. The first is milage, plus an hourly labor rate. We can also provide a per carton pricing structure. We suggest a trial period for us to evaluate the best price model for Fairview Millworks that offers you the best price possible.

Standard Delivery Fee Pricing
Mileage for 2 movers, and 1-15ft box truck: $2.98 per mile
Hourly rate for 2 movers, load & unload 15ft box truck: $95.00 per hourMinimum Delivery Fee: $95.00

(Average Delivery Fee $350 per kitchen)

Customer Service Contact

Alyssa Cardoza

Office: 774-213-5858
Toll Free: 866-410-1416
Cell: 508-212-0602

Eric Cardoza, Owner
Cell: 508-562-0507

Warehouse Delivery Address: 2 loading docks

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65 Ryan Drive, Unit 6R, and Unit 6F
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